Lost or Damaged Items


What if I lose an item?

1. When an item that has been checked out is reported lost, the patron will be charged the cost of the item as listed in the Libray's database. Replacement costs for interlibrary loan materials are determined by the lending library. A processing fee will be charged for patron purchased replacement items (see Policy 216 - Replacement Fee Schedule).

2. If an item that has been reported lost is returned within sixty days of the date of payment for the lost item, the item will be treated as overdue. Fines will be caluclated from the date due to the date returned. A refund may be made to the patron for the difference between any amount paid and the amount of the overdue fine.

3. Overdue items not returned within six (6) months of the overdue date are considered lost and will not be accepted for return. The patron is responsible for the full cost of the item (see Policy 211 - Loan of Materials).

4. Patrons shall be liable for the cost of a damaged item or the item's packaging except where such damage is the result of normal wear and tear. Fees for damaged packaging are found in Policy 216 - Replacement Fee Schedule.

5. Naperville Public Library is not responsible for any damage to a patron's equipment caused by the use of any audiovisual or software materials loaned by the Library. The patron is responsible for any damage to audiovisual or software materials, up to the full replacement cost.